Newly engaged

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A two-step celebration – from proposal to an unforgettable wedding day

For couples who find themselves newly engaged the journey towards their wedding day is an exhilarating adventure. As the euphoria of the engagement begins to sink in, a rising trend in the UK is catching the attention of savvy couples – the use of a celebrant. A celebrant-led wedding ceremony is not just a trend; it’s a tailor-made and personalised approach that transforms the wedding day into a magical experience, capturing the essence of the unique love story.

Tailor-made ceremony
Celebrants excel at creating ceremonies that are tailor-made for each couple. Your love story is unique, and a celebrant skilfully weaves it into the fabric of the ceremony, ensuring that every moment reflects the extraordinary journey that led to this monumental day.

Flexibility in venue choice
With a celebrant, traditional wedding venue constraints are lifted. Whether you dream of exchanging vows in a rustic barn, a sun-kissed beach, your home, or an intimate garden setting, a celebrant can bring your dream wedding to life in any location of your choosing.

Inclusive and personalised elements
Celebrant-led weddings are inherently inclusive and accommodating. From the exchange of rings to handfasting (tying the knot) and other symbolic elements, a celebrant can seamlessly incorporate specific rituals or customs that hold sentimental value, as well as including your personal love story, making the ceremony uniquely yours.

Reduced stress
Wedding planning can be daunting, but a celebrant can alleviate stress by taking charge of the ceremony planning process. This allows the couple to focus on enjoying their special day, knowing that the ceremony is in the hands of a seasoned professional.

Two-step approach
While a celebrant infuses the wedding ceremony with personal touches, it’s crucial to note that celebrants lack the legal authority to solemnize marriages in England. To make the union legally binding, a brief and inexpensive (approx. £57) legal formality is necessary. A registrar must officiate at the local registry office beforehand, ensuring that your marriage is legally recognised The celebrant will then ensure your actual ceremony is unique and deeply meaningful. This two-step approach offers the best of both worlds in creating a truly unforgettable wedding experience.

Cheers to the magic
Here’s to the journey ahead and the joyous celebration of your love story – may it be as extraordinary as the love you share. Cheers to the magic that awaits on your wedding day!