Safeguarding policy

I am committed to providing a safe and inclusive environment for both adults and children, who engage with my celebrant services.


  • Accountability and transparency
  • It is better to take preventative action before harm occurs
  • Take appropriate action to all concerns promptly, fairly, appropriately, and in accordance with legal requirements


  • Promote the safety of any individual, adult or child, who may be at risk
  • Ensure services/activities take place in a safe environment
  • Prevent, recognise and act on abuse
  • Create an open and transparent culture where safeguarding concerns can be raised without fear of reprisal. It is the responsibility of all individuals, including adults and parents/guardians of children, who engage my services to provide accurate information and notify me of any specific safeguarding requirements or concerns they may have.
  • Maintain professional boundaries and ensure that all communication with individuals, including adults and children, is respectful and appropriate
  • Refrain from engaging in any behaviour that could be perceived as abusive, discriminatory, or exploitative
  • Act in the best interests of adults and children and ensure all reasonable steps are taken to prevent them from harm.
  • If there are any safeguarding concerns, including suspicions of abuse, neglect, or harm, local safeguarding procedures should be followed and the concerns reported to the appropriate authorities.
  • Call on emergency services appropriately where there is immediate danger
  • When safeguarding those at risk, there may be a need to disclose personal or sensitive information to someone from another organisation whilst and complying with data protection legislation
  • Concerns should be documented in writing as soon as possible and should include as many details as possible about what has been said or witnessed, including the place, date and time of the incident