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Themed wedding or vow renewal?

themed wedding ceremony

Any themed ceremony: Steampunk, Goth, 60’s …

Celebrate your love with a themed ceremony such as steampunk, murder mystery, goth, 60’s, beach, Fairground and more … Choose a theme for your Wedding, Vow Renewal or Commitment Ceremony. As a qualified celebrant based on the Yorkshire coast, I specialise in planning and conducting unique and highly personalised ceremonies that will be remembered forever. Whilst Whitby is an ideal location, there are many others and I’m happy to travel to conduct an amazing ceremony for you.

Whatever inspires you I will plan it with you to ultimately conduct a unique and highly personalised ceremony for you. Incorporate innovative and special elements that will make your celebrant-led ceremony meaningful way and will be remembered forever. Your ceremony will be built around you, include your love story and be an opportunity to express your creativity. Hold it wherever you want to, at the time of day that suits you, and with as many people as you like included. With an independent celebrant, the possibilities really are endless!

If you are getting married, in England, many people choose to carry out the short, inexpensive legalities  (e.g. £57 with 2 witnesses) in a registration office a day or so before their actual ceremony so they can then have anything they want in their ceremony. The venue then does not have to be licensed, you’re not constrained by wording or framework and your ceremony won’t be boring.  Alternatively, the registrar can attend your venue to carry out the legal section of the ceremony and I can follow on with your personalised elements. As the ceremonies I conduct are not legally binding, there are no restrictions placed by law and I can be very flexible to create something truly unique to you both.

Your bespoke themed ceremony

Wedding couple steampunk theme

There are endless possibilities to make your ceremony special. Choose any theme you like. Ultimately, a themed Wedding, Commitment or Vow Renewal offers a departure from the conventional, providing a unique and memorable experience. It can be an opportunity to infuse fun into your wedding celebration ceremony or vow renewal.

Incorporating a theme e.g. steampunk

Here’s an example of how you can build a theme into your wedding.

Unique Aesthetics: A steampunk wedding offers a distinctive and visually striking aesthetic. The combination of Victorian elegance with futuristic elements creates a memorable and visually stunning atmosphere.

Personal Expression: Express your personality and interests in a meaningful way. Your ceremony provides a canvas for a personalised and unique celebration. You can get creative crafting your decorations, centrepieces and even your attire or choose from the many suppliers that can make your day extra special.

Sense of adventure: Your theme can evoke a sense of excitement and wonder, making the celebration feel like a grand adventure.

Nostalgia and romance: Capture the elegance and romance of the Victorian era. The blend of steampunk fashion, intricate details, and a touch of fantasy can create a romantic and dreamlike atmosphere.

The Ceremony package

Free initial discussion: Before you commit, let’s have a chat, feel free to ask questions and then decide if I’m the right celebrant to plan your ceremony.

Planning meeting – I’ll meet with you to plan the details of your ceremony and discuss all the things you may want to include.  Your ceremony can be as simple or as elaborate as you like. Meetings usually take place in person, but they can be virtual if that works better.  I’d love to hear your ideas and I’ll bring lots of too.  We’ll discuss the many special touches that can be added to make it perfect.

Your personalised ceremony – I will research, plan and craft a meaningful ceremony that has your unique love story woven into it.  Include whatever you like, perhaps symbolic elements such as handfasting (tying the knot) or you could even plant a tree together and watch it grow with your relationship.  You will of course have the opportunity to edit the ceremony until you are completely happy with it.

Support – I’ll be available to guide and support you throughout.  I can help with vows or promises. It’s all part of the service.  I can also help you find the perfect reading, poems or music for your ceremony.  If you have any questions about the ceremony or want to change something, simply get in touch and let me take the strain.

Collaboration –  I can coordinate with other wedding suppliers, such as the photographer and venue on the day.

Rehearsal – Rehearsals are not always needed but can be arranged.

On the day – When your big day comes, I’ll arrive early to check everything is in place.  I’ll coordinate with others and ensure everything we’ve planned slots nicely into place.  I’ll conduct the ceremony we agreed on while you relax and enjoy your special day!

Keepsake – You will have the opportunity to sign a commemorative certificate.  This will be presented to you in a keepsake folder with a copy of the Wedding Ceremony script and a small gift.

Lady in Victorian steampunk costume
Themed wedding or vow renewal?

£495 for a Vow Renewal and £625 for a Wedding Blessing/Celebration Ceremony. The price stated is a guide. Your ceremony may be less as I price individually when I know your requirements. Get in touch and we can discuss how I can help make your dreams a reality. An initial administration fee secures your date.

It’s your ceremony, let’s do it your way - the possibilities are endless!

"The vows I take will be forever; I’ll love you all my life"

Nicolas Gordon