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Transition Ceremony

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Celebrate the real you! Is it time to say, ‘This is me’?

A transgender Transition (Naming or Renaming) Ceremony is a wonderful and significant way to celebrate a new name, new identity and mark your decision to transition, leaving behind what’s gone before and looking forward to a more authentic future. Everyone’s journey is different and, above all, your ceremony will be personalised to ensure it is a true celebration of you and a day to remember.

The specifics of a Transition Ceremony vary depending on individual preferences and backgrounds. Some people may choose to have a formal ceremony with family and friends, while others might prefer a more private affair.

The ceremony can take place anywhere you like. It will usually include an introduction to explain the significance of the event and acknowledge the individual’s journey of self-discovery. You may wish to share your personal thoughts and experiences. The highlight of the ceremony is the announcement/acknowledgement of your new name and, if wished, an explanation of its meaning and significance. Guests are encouraged to acknowledge the person’s new identity. This can be done through words of encouragement, applause, candles, gifts or other gestures of support.

After the ceremony, you may want to have additional celebrations, such as sharing a meal together or engaging in activities that reflect your interests or passions.

Every ceremony is unique and based on personal preferences, cultural backgrounds and beliefs. Simply get in touch to discuss what you would like to make your day perfect.


Your Transition Ceremony package

Free initial chat: Feel free to ask questions and have a chat with me first to see if you think I’m the right person to plan and deliver your Transition/Renaming ceremony.

Planning meeting – I’ll find out what’s important to you and plan the ceremony with you. Meetings usually take place in person, however, if a virtual planning meeting works best, we can do that.

A ceremony as individual as you – The ceremony that I put together for you will be as individual as you are. You will be able to make amendments and additions until you are completely happy. Symbolic and special elements can be included if you like, however, you don’t have to use any of these, you may have ideas of your own.

Support – Not only will I plan your Transition Ceremony, but I’ll also give you support to ensure everything surrounding the event is perfect. Maybe you would like help choosing a venue or perhaps you want to discuss having the ceremony at home. If you would like to include poems or readings, I can help with that too. It’s all part of the service. We’ll work together to make the ceremony unique and simply the best it can be.

Certificate – If you would like to sign a keepsake certificate this will be presented to you at the end of the ceremony, together with a copy of the ceremony.

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Transition Ceremony

Your ceremony may be less as I price individually when I know your requirements. Get in touch for a free consultation. An initial administration fee secures your date.

It’s your ceremony, let’s do it your way - the possibilities are endless!

"Be yourself, everyone else is already taken"

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