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Vow Renewal Ceremony

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Would you like to renew the vows and promises you made when you were legally married or when you entered into a civil partnership? Perhaps you’d like to mark a special occasion, such as a 1st or 10th wedding anniversary? A Vow Renewal Ceremony is a beautiful way to celebrate and reaffirm your commitment to each other.

When you renew your wedding vows, the ceremony can be as intimate or grand as you like. It should reflect your unique relationship and journey so far. You can have it wherever you like and include whatever you wish, such as vows, a unity candle, readings and poems. Take a look at the special elements page for ideas.

I’m an independent, fully qualified celebrant based between Scarborough and Whitby, North Yorkshire, and I cover all the surrounding areas so whether you would like a ceremony that’s themed or traditional, romantic, steampunk or something else, as a fully qualified celebrant I’d be delighted to plan and conduct your dream ceremony to make it both meaningful and unique!


Reasons to renew your wedding vows

Vow renewal

Celebrate your journey: A Vow Renewal Ceremony is a perfect opportunity to reflect on your journey together. It allows you to acknowledge the challenges you’ve overcome and celebrate your growth as a couple. Maybe maark a special wedding anniversary?

Share your love: Gather together your loved ones, share the joy of your enduring relationship and celebrate your love.

Renew your commitment: Renewing your commitment is a powerful statement to each other and to the world that your love is strong and enduring.

Create new memories: Recreate your wedding day or do it totally differently. Either way, you’ll be creating new memories in your Vow Renewal Ceremony, which will be personalised to reflect the journey you’ve shared, while looking forward to the future and the adventures that lie ahead.

Bring your shared interests to life: You could reflect your shared interests with a themed celebration. Whether it’s travel, vintage, seaside, the 70s, motorbikes, classic cars, Hawaiian, goth steampunk, or fairytale, if you can imagine it, I can make it happen!

Show your appreciation to your partner: A Vow Renewal Ceremony provides an opportunity to express your gratitude and appreciation for your partner. Publicly acknowledge their love, support, and companionship throughout your years together.

What’s included in your Vow Renewal Ceremony package?

Free initial discussion – It’s important for you to take time to choose the right person to deliver your ceremony so the initial discussion is free.

Planning and support – We’ll get together, usually in person. I’ll get to know you both, and discover what you’d like to include in your ceremony. I will present some new ideas that you may not have thought about to make your day extra special. Many special or symbolic elements can be included, such as a rose or candle ceremony. Others can take part as well. The possibilities really are endless, and you will have my support to guide you through everything.

Your Vow Renewal Ceremony – I will research and put together a personal ceremony for you. You’ll have opportunities to change things until it’s perfect. On the day and in advance, as needed, I’ll coordinate with other suppliers such as the staff at the venue.

On the day – I’ll arrive early to check everything is in place. I’ll conduct the ceremony exactly as planned, whilst you and your guests simply enjoy the day.

Especially for you – You can sign a commemorative certificate, which will be presented to you in a presentation folder with a copy of your ceremony.

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Vow Renewal Ceremony

The price stated is a guide. Contact me for an exact price for your ceremony and we can start a discussion on how I can help make your dreams a reality. An initial administration fee secures your date.

It’s your ceremony, let’s do it your way - the possibilities are endless!

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